About The Gotch SEO Agency

Since 2013, we’ve helped 1000s of businesses achieve predictable organic growth by leveraging the power of SEO. Here’s how we can help you:

Thomas Schmittdiel

Nathan delivered more than he promised! What outstanding results we achieved by teaming with Nathan and Gotch SEO. I absolutely would recommend him for any size company looking for top-tier results.

CMO at Property Management Company

Who We Help

Do you want more organic traffic, leads, and sales from Google? You're in the right place. Gotch SEO has ranked in every competitive vertical like legal, health, B2B, and SAAS. And we'll help you do the same.

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Austin Belcak

The strategies helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 users/month in 5 months. That lead to an additional 8,000 email subscribers and a 300% lift in monthly revenue for my business.

Business Owner at Cultivated Culture

Why We're Different

We’re unlike other SEO companies, here’s 7 reasons why:

1. We Focus

“A jack of all trades is a master of none.” We don't dabble. And that allows us to put all of our energy towards being the best in the world at SEO.


2. Your Business is Ours

Your growth is our growth. So that’s why we treat every campaign as if it were our own. That means you won’t just be another number on a “roster”. We treat this as a partnership.

3. Results > Useless Deliverables

We achieve predictable SEO results for our clients by focusing on the 20% of actions that produce 80% of the results.

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4. We Attract Top 1% Talent

We don’t view “talent” as a fixed trait. “Talent” stems from being a willing learner, cultivating a growth mindset, and having an obsession with SEO. Those are the three requirements for being on our team.

As a result, we’ve built a talented unrivaled SEO team who’s never satisfied.

5. System-Reliant

Having a repeatable system is the only way to produce predictable SEO results. While most companies wing it, we optimize and use a proprietary system that's proven across 1000s of successful SEO campaigns.

6. Radical Transparency

If you’re wondering what your SEO company is doing, then there’s something wrong.

We don’t keep clients in the dark. Instead, all our project files, processes, milestones, and goals are accessible 24/7. Plus, we communicate frequently to keep you in the loop so you never wonder what we’re doing.

7. Grow Without Us

Our #1 goal is to build a foundation that helps your business thrive without us. If we put ourselves out of a job because you’re SEO is doing so well, then we are happy.

Steven Ellis

We worked with Nathan and his team on a website for our company and definitely made the right choice. Gotch SEO came in on time and on budget with the SEO services and marketing solutions we needed. The project exceeded expectations.

The Team

The Gotch SEO Agency is possible because of our killer team who live and breathe SEO. Say hello:

Nathan Gotch

CEO & Founder

Nathan is the SEO director and globally recognized SEO expert who has helped thousands of businesses achieve first-page rankings on Google through his agency, blog, and YouTube channel.

Nathan's Short Story - Went from a security guard who was $40,000 in debt to building a 7-figure SEO agency.

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Simon L. Smith

Head of Client Success

After nearly a decade in the SEO industry, Simon brings a wealth of experience in client SEO, affiliate SEO, and SEO copywriting.

As Nathan's business partner and lead SEO instructor, Simon is a stereotypical nice, laid-back Canadian who enjoys introducing Gotch SEO Academy to prospective students and works to ensure their success within our program.

Check out Simon's popular blog and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Natalia Novikova

Lead SEO Consultant

Natalia joined the team in 2020 and has become one of the best SEO experts in the world. She leads our SEO campaigns to success within our agency.

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